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Welcome to my website. Here I post basically everything I make in my spare time. I intend to keep updating it with news about me and my new projects etc... ENJOY!! 

This is the time where I am.


The new era

My second album, "The new era" is no longer available for download from this site.

Unfortunately I lost my copy of this album in March, and I am unable to recreate it.

If someone has a copy that they can send me, I will host it here again.


 Hope you guys enjoyed it...

Alternate Reality

This is my first album "Alternate Reality". It is a compilation of all my older fruityloops work.

I also lost this album in March, so if you have a copy, I would love to hear from you :)

Here is the album cover (thanks to Deiz787 for designing):

 Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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